There are few relationships in our lives as rewarding and emotional as the one with our pet. Animals have a magical ability to give us love, heal emotional pain, and provide a sense that we are important and needed.

There’s nothing more heartwarming and mood-lifting than coming home at the end of a long, hard day to a warm, eager furry friend whose only desire is to display their love and affection…happy to see us, and grateful for the very fact that we’re just there with them, and for them.

A pet increases our own quality of life and how we experience the world. From this bond grows a commitment and willingness to do whatever we can to maximize their quality of life.

Vets To Go is passionate about helping you optimize the health and happiness of your pet, and ensure the highest quality of life for you and your furry friend.


The Guiding Principles That We Passionately Live:

Quality Of Life

Every decision we make in the company is made through this filter: will this improve the quality of life for everyone involved? We’re committed to making decisions that elevate the quality of life for our patients, their owners, our team and our industry. There is nothing more important to us than this, and is the core of why we exist as an organization.


We’re committed to providing the best information and advice possible to our clients so that they can make the most informed and educated decisions for their pets. With so much conflicting and biased information about pet care in the marketplace, we strive to become a trusted, unbiased and complete source of information for pet owners.


Optimizing the health and wellness of every pet requires cooperation and collaboration with the owner, and we take pride in becoming a part of the decision making process. Our goal is to ensure every client feels empowered to make the right decision for their pet and for themselves, and to know that we’re there to help them determine what’s best for their animal. We provide a non-judgmental space that’s free from pressure or guilt. Our job is to provide information, options and support throughout the decision making process so that you can feel confident in deciding the best approach for your family.

Lifelong Health

Ensuring the health and happiness of an animal is a lifelong process, and we are committed to helping our clients actively optimize and extend the life of their pet. This means helping pet owners recognize the importance of a regular health and wellness schedule, and undertaking preventative healthcare, not just responding to acute problems and emergencies that arise.


We strive to bring fun and enjoyment to the process, and ensure that our clients and their pets have a fun, positive and pleasant experience with us with every contact they have with us. Our goal is for your pet not to know we are vets – we prefer they think of us as fun house guests that pay special attention to them!

Peace Of Mind

We work hard to ensure that every experience with us provides our clients with a sense of comfort, confidence and belief that they are acting in the best interest of their pet. Each time a client comes into contact with us, they know we care and are committed to reducing the stress and anxiety that can occur in taking care of their pet.

We live these principles every day at Vets To Go, and it’s how we’re able to assure you of the best veterinary experience you’ve ever had!