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- Judith Snowdon

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- Jill Bee Cee

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- Donna Court McGee

Who doesn’t love a cookie bearing visitor that scratches your belly? The whole visit was less than 30 minutes and zero stress. Whether you have a perfect dog (or cat) or one that needs a little work like mine.

- Lauren H. Calgary (via Yelp)

Lauren H

I would highly recommend Vets to Go to anyone who has pets that are difficult or nervous about going to the vet office. So much less stressful for both the pet AND the owner.

- Terry H. (via Yelp)

… for your help and caring through Penny’s crisis. You were there for us when we really needed your help and guidance.  So from my family, I just want to again extend our gratitude for how you helped us in such a difficult time.

- Chad Erinn & Garyth Sehn


Having Dr. Wendy come to our home to care for our pets has been very convenient and awesome. She gets to see our cat and puppy and really gets to know them in their own environment. Kayla and Georgia are more comfortable being at home.

- Sherri Airdrie Alberta