Dr. Wendy McClellandShe also happens to have a young family, and wasn’t willing to make the sacrifice of spending long hours in veterinary clinics on shift, and found it difficult to provide the level of quality care that she wanted to deliver.  As a working mom, she wanted to create a lifestyle company that would allow her to not only provide care to animals, but to put her family first and never have to choose between the two.  It came down to “quality of life”.

She thought that if vet care could be provided in the animal’s own environment, that it could be a completely different experience for everyone involved.  In other words, creating a better quality of life for the animals, the owners, and even the vets involved.

Turns out, she was right.

Since our humble beginnings, Vets To Go has grown exponentially and we continue to expand nationally.  Our vision is to become the trusted authority when it comes to providing trustworthy, compassionate and effective veterinary care in the comfort of your home.

We’re committed to elevating the quality of life for pets and their owners by ensuring the health and wellness of your most important furry friend.

We believe that every pet deserves to enjoy as pleasant, positive and reduced stress experience as possible, and that it’s our responsibility to deliver that as best as we can.

We believe that your quality of life is increased by the love and affection of a happy, healthy pet.

We believe that every pet owner deserves to play an active role in helping making the right decisions for their pet, and to confidently make those decisions without fear or guilt.