Is Fido Festival Ready? Veterinarian Urges Festival-Goers to Think Twice Before Bringing Dogs


Is Fido Festival Ready? Veterinarian Urges Festival-Goers to Think Twice Before Bringing Dogs

Calgary, AB (May 31, 2017): Hot days, blue skies, and a warm breeze signals that Lilac Festival is just a few days away! Dr. Wendy McClelland, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Vets To Go, is urging pet owners to think carefully before bringing their dog to large outdoor festivals this summer.

Dr. McClelland states, “Vets To Go has been part of a number of large outdoor festivals in the past, including Lilac Festival, and while many dogs do great and love the time spent with their owners outside, some dogs really don’t enjoy themselves. Pet parents need to think about their dog’s personality and temperament before bringing them into a festival environment.”

For dogs that are timid, highly anxious, or aggressive Dr. McClelland recommends they skip the festivities. Likewise, senior dogs with mobility problems and pets with medical issues should also stay home to avoid worsening their conditions. Smaller breed dogs such a Shih-Tzu’s, Beagles, and Terriers run the risk of being injured in a crowd if they get underfoot, so it’s best to bring them in a pet stroller or puppy purse for safety.

Dr. McClelland adds, “While some dogs do great in a crowd, I frequently see dogs that are terrified because they’re not used to the number of people that festivals draw in. Before deciding to bring a dog into that environment, I hope pet owners will ask themselves if their pup will really enjoy going and if their pet has the right temperament.”

To help pet owners decide if their dog is ready for a large festival, Vets To Go created a useful infographic with the five questions pet owners need to ask themselves before heading out to Lilac Festival this weekend.

Dr. McClelland also recommends that all dogs, especially puppies, are current on their vaccines to avoid transmitting infectious diseases like parvo. Additionally, dogs should always have up-to-date identification in case they get separated in the crowds. Even if a pet has an ID tag or a microchip, owners need to make sure their contact information is current in case their pet goes missing.

Additional festival pet safety tips and infographic available at

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