Vets To Go is a leader in mobile veterinary services that specializes in providing exceptional health and wellness care to pets and their owners in the comfort of their own home.

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Dr. Wendy McClelland – Founder Vets To Go Mobile Vet Care

Vets To Go was founded by Dr. Wendy McClelland when she decided there had to be a better way of being a veterinarian, but having a life as well! She created the company so that it allowed her to do what she truly loves – helping improve the lives of animals – but could also be a great mom, wife and have the time to enjoy her life.

At Vets To Go, the #1 core value we believe in is quality of life – not only for pets and their owners but also for the talented and respected team that helps us deliver a world-class service.

As a fast-growing company dedicated to this vision, we are actively looking for compassionate and committed team members who love animals, are looking for a flexible work environment, and want to make a genuine difference for pets and their owners.


Currently, we are hiring for the following positions:

Here Are The 7 Top Reasons To Join Us…

  1. Flexibility – We recognize that great people hate feeling shackled by inflexible schedules and rules, and want freedom with their schedule and time. We customize work schedules for our team members and help make your work something that compliments your life, instead of complicates it. Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time opportunity, or you need a certain day of the week off, we can accommodate what works best for you.
  2. Commitment To A Work/Life Balance – Being in this industry often leads to constant stress and pressure, and having a difficult time maintaining a healthy work/life balance. At Vets To Go, we believe that the only way we can provide great healthcare to our clients is if we’re all healthy as well! A core philosophy at Vets To Go is to provide a flexible, supportive and healthy environment to work, and that is one of the core elements that we provide for every team member.
  3. Unusual (And Awesome) Perks – Going beyond the typical things you might expect, we offer an exciting combination of perks and fringe benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to a bonus program and fun company outings, all team members are invited to attend personal and professional development programs, and we make a point of creating fun and memorable experiences with our team and our clients.
  4. Innovation – If you can’t already tell, Vets To Go is a very different veterinary company than most. We are progressive, innovative, and love to reinvent the way things are done. We’re always looking for a way to improve the quality of care, the experience for our client, and the efficacy of our treatment programs. If you’re looking to get away from the old-school, stuffy approach to medicine, you’re going to love working with us.
  5. Making A Difference – A key component of our vision is to have a positive impact on animals around the world and to give back in a number of ways. As a team member, you’re invited to take part in the “give back” projects and events we do throughout the year.  Not only do we have a lot of fun, but we provide charitable and humanitarian veterinary services to a community that desperately needs it.  In the last 2 years, Vets To Go has raised and donated more than $100,000 in funds directly to assist animal rescue organizations such as AARCS, MEOW Foundation, Four Feet Companion Foundation, Calgary Humane Society, Cochrane and Area Humane Society, Edmonton Humane Society, and many more.
  6. A True Love Of Animals – Yes, it probably seems obvious that working with us would mean you need to love animals – but everything we do is focused on increasing the quality of life of every animal we work with, and we take that commitment seriously. This means our entire team is committed to doing whatever they can to provide a stress-free and supportive experience to our patients and their owners, which includes helping them make the right decision without feeling any pressure or guilt.
  7. Be Part Of A Growing Shift – We truly believe that delivering veterinary care in the comfort of the patient’s home is the future of our industry because it delivers a more peaceful, positive experience to everyone involved. By joining Vets To Go, you’ll become part of our movement to enhance the quality of animal health care around the world!