6 Best Edmonton Dog Parks

With warmer weather finally here, it’s a great time to take your fur buddy out to the dog park to stretch those legs and burn off some extra energy. We’re so lucky to have more than 40 Edmonton dog parks … Continued

Canadian Vet Association Opposes Cat Declawing

  The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) recently released a position statement that opposes partial feline digital amputation, more commonly known as cat declawing. Their position states that scratching is a normal behaviour that cats use to mark territory, help … Continued

Do Pets Need Vitamins and Supplements?

Do pets need extra vitamins and supplements to help prevent and manage health conditions? Since so many people take vitamins and dietary supplements themselves these days, our Vets are often asked if their pets need to take extra vitamins and … Continued

5 Last Minute Gifts DIY Cat Gifts

If you’ve checked everyone off your Christmas list but haven’t found the perfect present for your favourite felines yet, we’ve got 5 easy DIY cat gifts that the kitties on your list (and their humans) will absolutely adore! DIY Cat … Continued