Do I Have an Overweight Pet?

Overweight pets are one of the most common health problems that our Veterinarians see in both dogs and cats. In this episode of “Ask Dr. Wendy,” she’ll teach you how to do a “healthy hug” at home so you can see … Continued

How Can I Deal With Pet Anxiety?

Just like humans, pets get anxiety too! Pet anxiety may not look and feel the same as it does in people, but it also causes stress and physical reactions, which can sometimes lead to destructive or disruptive behaviours that can affect … Continued

Is it Safe To ‘Put My Pet Under’ For Surgery?

Is it Safe To ‘Put My Pet Under’ Anesthetic For Surgery? There are a lot of loving pet parents out there that may be putting off surgery or dental care because they’re worried about the risks of putting their pet … Continued

Welcome Back, Dr. Gillian!

Dr. Gillian Mackie, DVM Edmonton Sherwood Park

The wait is over…Dr. Gillian is officially back from maternity leave! We’re thrilled to have her with us again and she is now making house calls throughout the Edmonton and Sherwood Park Area! About Dr. Gillian Dr. Gillian Mackie, DVM – … Continued