Senior Citizens in Need Get Free Veterinary Care For Their Pets

Senior Citizens in Need Get Free Veterinary Care For Their Pets

On December 13th, our team was thrilled to be able to provide a special holiday treat to more than 20 Calgary seniors and their pets! As part of our continuing commitment to give back to the community, we provided no-cost veterinary care for seniors in need through the Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk seniors stay healthy, independent, and safe in their homes as long as possible.

According to Pets of the Elderly, research shows the most serious disease for older persons is not cancer or heart disease – it’s loneliness. A growing number of seniors in our community are at-risk, isolated, and have little or no support from family to help them during their “golden years.” This vulnerable and invisible group of seniors often rely heavily on the companionship of their beloved pets – who are both family and friends – to fight loneliness, ward off depression, and help ease the loss of a loved one.

Due to their circumstances, many Calgary seniors are unable to bear the costs of routine medical care for their furry companions and we wanted to make sure these VIPs (very important pets!) were able to get the care they needed…as well as some Christmas cheer! Not only did the senior’s get wellness exams and vaccines for their pets, we also provided them with a fun festive environment where they received “family portraits” with their pets, which were generously donated by Aubri Poon Pet Photography.

This Senior’s Wellness Clinic marks the start of a new “Pet Assist Program” that the Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society will roll out in early 2017, which provides pet support services to isolated and at–risk Calgary seniors.

The Calgary Seniors’ Society is looking for Volunteers to help their senior’s, especially those that can help with day-to-day pet care, as well as monetary donations to help fund their Pet Assist Program. You can learn more about them and the volunteer opportunities available at!

Thank you so much for your continuing support of Vets To Go and for helping us continue to elevate the quality of life for animals in our community! Your support makes these community outreach projects possible.

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  1. King & Emi

    King, Emi and myself so appreciate today’s service. Such lovely Vet Medical place with great vet’s and the staff was so helpful to go to or call for. My two senior cats Kind and Emi received from nail clippings to check-up to providing medication for one of my cats and all FREE.Tears of thankfulness right now again running down my cheeks. Such kindness my G-d…There are no words but 2, and those are THANK YOU* <3


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