Do Pets Need Vitamins and Supplements?

Do pets need extra vitamins and supplements to help prevent and manage health conditions?

Since so many people take vitamins and dietary supplements themselves these days, our Vets are often asked if their pets need to take extra vitamins and supplements to keep them healthy. Dr. Wendy covers the question of vitamins and supplements for pets in the video below.


Video Transcript:

Dr. Wendy: Supplements are a really big topic in my mind there’s two areas of supplements. There’s the vitamins and nutritional component and then there are supplements that are designed to go help with arthritis and any other condition. So the supplements that we’ve kind of categorized into vitamins… as long as your pet is on a balanced diet, so if they’re on a good brand of kibble if they’re on a balanced raw, then they’ve got everything they need and you don’t need to worry about additional vitamins. If they are on a home cooked diet or on a raw food diet that that’s not a balanced one then you need to consider vitamin and micro/macro nutrient supplements. So contact your vet and let them know and there are definitely great ones on the market for that.

As far as the other supplements go there’s lots that I recommend that are found to really do support some of those chronic conditions. So again, talk to your veterinarian if you’ve got a supplement that you’ve heard really works. It’s important that your Vet that knows because even supplements can interact with medications.


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